Volume 2: Disney Changed My Life

Numerous people have asked me what had the greatest impact on me during my childhood. Because I couldn’t choose a favorite one, I would give different answers, such as Harry Potter or Star Wars. I loved so many different properties. But after giving the question some thought, I can safely say that the one property that had the most impact on me is Disney. 

Now you might be thinking it’s just because I watched all of their animated films growing up (which I did), but having grown up in Florida I also went to their stores, theme parks, and celebration events numerous times. It’s not hard to see why. I love Disney’s characters, stories, and overall, the way they reach millions of people around the world in such a positive way. 

For many people in my generation, Disney was the first thing that we were introduced to. As a child, there was so much to enjoy: from the stories, to the characters, and especially to the magic. Now that I’m older, there are many aspects I still appreciate, such as their creativity, the process of how they develop such excellent works, and how they bring those works to billions. There’s just no other way to describe it, it’s just a phenomenon that continues to grow and impact others to this very day.

Given my admiration for the Mouse, for the next few blogs, I’m going to discuss several of my personal magical Disney moments and how they helped me grow as a person. They’ll include:

  • How I learned my colors from Disney’s characters
  • The films that most impacted me
  • My growth as a writer covering Disney’s properties
  • Living near the parks
  • Working for the Mouse

As they say at Disney, “See ya real soon.”

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